Day 3: Real Simple, Real Cheap

Today is all about how your baby can be stylish, eco-friendly, and dry without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to use disposables or cloth (we do buy disposables for night time), it’s always a goal to save some money while doing it. I live in a very low income area, and when I go grocery shopping, I see a lot of families buying generic. While that might be cheaper, if they just did a bit of price comparison and clipped a few coupons, they could get the brands they love at the same or cheaper price. (I love saving!) Same thing with cloth diapers.

Also, think about Cloth Diapers as an investment. We have been using cloth for almost three years, and all but maybe one are practically like new! The new baby will be using the same diapers! So, if you know babies are still in your family’s future, they will be able to use them as well. I wouldn’t sell/trade until you are done in the baby making department. Imagine the savings with new additions! You can splurge on a few, but you won’t have to buy a whole new stash of diapers like you have to with disposables! Here are a few tips on how you can get an awesome cloth diaper stash and save money.

  1. Giveaways!!!! That is my favorite way to get a diaper = FREE! Just google it and I’m sure you will find tons of giveaways to enter. My favorite way of finding them is via Twitter. Just search “#giveaway” and a whole load of them will come up. You can also find linkys (where blogs link all the other giveaways in one spot) and enter like 10 giveaways in no time!
  2. Swap/Trade!!!! Tons of diapers already floating around the US. You just gotta find them. A well known website for trading diapers is You can also check out, or the JustMommies Swap Shop. I got my first Newborn diaper for FREE via Freecycle. They were probably valued at $50, and I paid just gas money to go pick them up from a local mom.
  3. Seconds!!!! I love buying seconds, first because they are cheap, and second because I have never had an issue buying seconds. Most of the time, when I recommend to someone buying seconds, they thing torn, worn, not wearable, and just cheap! Well, they are cheap, but never have they been unwearable. Almost every major retailer will have an “Outlet” or “Seconds” section where you can see what they have!
  4. Gifts!!!! I’ve been debating whether to go this route, but I’m sure many of you will love this idea! You know the regular baby registry where you just choose items that you need. Well, instead of doing that, you have only Cloth Diapers in your registry. Maybe just have a list of brands on your baby shower list, or be creative on how to mention this to your guests. I’ve seen that guests buy them before hand and someone makes a Cloth Diaper Cake!
  5. Half & Half!!!! What I mean by half & half is that you also invest in some Flats or Prefolds and some Diaper Covers. You can get a small size prefold, and that will last you all the way up until your baby is potty trained. We still use our NB prefolds on our 3 year old! They are great for when they are babies to use alone with a cover, and when they get older they are super absorbent for night-time and to use as a doubler. You can even get creative, cut them in half and use them as a insert, maybe add a fancy strip of printed fabric. Then you just put a cover over the prefold and you’re done! Cost is way less than buying only pockets and/or AIOs.

And that’s pretty much it. With these tips, you can save an easy 50% on your whole stash. It’s just super exciting when you get a great diaper at such a low price, and when you save so much money you can go and splurge on a few cute diapers or those hip new ones that come out every so often. Don’t feel guilty! I still don’t know which diaper I will buy for the new baby, there is so much to choose from!

On a side note, since I live in a low-income area I have been trying to get more families involved and more active in breastfeeding and using cloth diapers. A great way is via WIC (Women-Infants-Children, government program), and I just learned about a petition that is going around to finally bring Cloth Diaper Education to local WIC clinics. Please help in signing this Petition HERE.

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