Day 4: Real Simple, Real Cute!

Real Simple Real Diapers for Babies – Health benefits, cloth diapers in hospitals, or cloth diapers in day cares.

Photo Credits: Nicki’s Diapers

For Cloth Diapers in Day Cares… We have not tried, but last week I send emails and left messages with a few in my area and haven’t received any response from any of them. I take that as them saying, “Don’t call back the crazy lady!” hahaha. That also goes for using cloth in hospitals. I reached out to them last week, and again today via Facebook and Twitter, and no response back from them as well. I will ask my OB/GYN when I have my next appointment and see if he knows anything or who I can contact about that.

Then we move on to the Health Benefits of using Cloth Diapers! There are so many health benefits to using cloth diapers! Sometimes families are forced to use cloth because the baby is allergic. Now, I’m a bit considered about that, because diapers are made for little tiny humans, and if I know someone who is allergic, I would just not want to expose my baby to the same thing that made another baby blow-up in hives. Yes, I know that allergies don’t affect everyone, but still. If I were the manufacturer, I would want to find out what it was that these babies are allergic to and fix the problem. Anyways, so these families switch to Cloth Diapering so that their babies stay safe.

There is also a connection between Asthma and disposable diapers. I mean, think about it. It’s a plastic pouch of chemicals, and my husband just said, “I love the smell of ‘sposies!” Ewww. It’s like the “New Car” smell. It’s all of the chemical fumes that we are smelling. Or like when you get a new shower curtain. When we get something with that chemically smell, we air it out by throwing it over our clothes lines for a few hours or days. Pictured is the chemicals that are inside a diaper and used in Science experiments to see how much it absorbs…. Gross.

Okay, back to the Asthma, What Mommy Wants blogged about it, where they exposed rats to disposable diapers and they showed signs of irritation from asthmatic conditions. I just think about all of the newlyweds who have just bought a newly built house, painted all of the rooms, bought new furniture, and then find out they are pregnant, so they buy a new crib and all the Nursery Necessities. Then the baby comes, and they are putting these plastic wrapped disposable diapers in the chemically infused air that the baby is also breathing. Then, a few months or years go by, and now they pay hundreds of dollars to treat the baby’s asthma, and they blame it on DUST (which is completely natural and has been around for decades) or another environmental factor, not on diapers. I’m not saying it was the diapers, but now they should be considered as one of the causes or adding factor of asthma. Do you see what I’m saying?

We do still buy plastics in our home, and I’m not saying that they haven’t come to the rescue every now and then, but we do AIR OUT our home a few times a month. We also expose our girls to fresh air, and we have plants in our home. So you can definitely go all out if you are having a new baby, just take precautions when doing so.

Anyways, I think I strayed from the subject a little and got a little ranty… but you get the point. If you make the choice to Cloth Diaper your baby, Good luck!

Head on over to The Eco Chic to check out the other blog posts that were posted, there are some really good ones. And if you do have a baby in day care, definitely check them out because there are some great tips on there. (Linky below)

Check out these adorable New Born Cloth Diapers (compliments of Google):

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