Stamped Tote Bags

Last month at MOPS we made some cute personalized totes using stamps and paint. I made a library bag with the kids initials and various princess stamps. I had so much fun and thought this would be a perfect project for the kids. I found some tote bags at Michael’s but they weren’t the size I wanted. Luckily, the MOPS craft leader was selling the extra bags for $1 each at our next meeting.
Supplies you will need:

  • Canvas tote bag
  • Paint
  • Large stamps

I had some farm animal stamps at home so we used those. If you don’t have stamps, I think this bag would look really cute just painted by hand. You child can make a design or paint their name if they are a little older. For younger kids, hand prints would be very cute.

I spread some paint around on paper towels that I placed on a tray. It’s an easy way to make a stamp pad using paint.

I imagined this project turning out all cute and pretty like my bag did. I did this project with two three year olds and a two year old so that wasn’t exactly what happened…

I wanted to demonstrate how to dip the stamps in the paint and press evenly onto the canvas bag. But before I knew what happened, the kids grabbed the stamps and just started stamping the bag willy nilly. I have *slight* control issues, so I was not too thrilled but I just let it go. It was a good lesson for me. We’re painting tote bags, not the Mona Lisa.

B was very funny. She only wanted to use the pig stamp. I kept offering her stamps with other farmyard animals, but she insisted she wanted a pig bag.

This is Little C’s bag. Can you tell which stamps she had help with and which she did herself?

The pig bag is nearly complete!

A’s finished bag.

The kids had fun making the bags and even more fun the next morning when the bags were dry. A put her doll in her bag, B used hers to carry books, and C filled her bag with toys (which she then proceeded to dump all over the kitchen floor).

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