5 Tips to Help You Get Out of Bed in the Mornings

Ok. I know there is nothing wonderful about the mornings -unless you count the mornings as past 11:00 am – BUT there IS something wonderful about waking up and not missing important engagements.
Let’s face it. Americans LOVE to sleep in. I know I do, and though my husband is a morning person, I, regretfully, am not. I recall a few times in college where it seemed easier to stay up all night than to wake up early in the morning. Waking up is still painful every morning, but this helps me to actually get up, out, and about.

1- Put your alarm (very loud) across the room, not next to your bed. That way, you have to get UP to turn it off.

2- DON’T set multiple alarms, as it trains your body to need multiple jolts before you wake up. Also, your sleepy mind has a hard time really thinking, so it is easy to turn off your last alarm, thinking you have another one left – leaving you to sleep longer than intended.

3- DON’T rely on someone else to get you up. You won’t be able to rely on them every time, so when you DO need to get up without them, you have a much higher chance of missing an important deadline.

4- Go to sleep at a decent time. If you have a hard time going to sleep as early as you need, it can help to have someone wake you up hours before normal one day, so that you are tired and ready to sleep much earlier that night. Hopefully, you can keep on a good sleeping schedule from there on out.

5- Prep a yummy morning snack in the kitchen, so when you wake up in the morning, there is a little incentive to actually get out of bed and be awake.

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