5 Years

So, five years ago Saturday, this happened:

Funny story, actually. The morning of the wedding, I went over to my mother’s house to get ready. When I arrived, I learned that my step-dad was not going to be attending. Apparently, he was sick to his stomach and vomiting. He had been quarantined to their bedroom. My mom, sister, and I joked around that he was obviously faking it because he just didn’t want to dress up for the wedding. Little did we know that, hours later, he would be having emergency surgery to have his appendix removed.

Right after the ceremony, my mom checked her phone and saw several missed calls from both my brother-in-law (who stayed behind to look after him) and my step-dad. I was only able to get a handful of pictures with the two of them before they took off for the hospital. My step-father was refusing to go to surgery until my mom arrived. That maybe wasn’t the smartest thing, but it definitely was sweet.

Before we were even able to finish taking photos, my grandparents also decided to leave. Grandma claimed she had a headache, but I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t want to attend the reception because we were serving alcohol (they’re recovering alco – just kidding… they’re Mormon).

So, yeah, I had exactly zero family members at my reception… unless you count my new husband and his family. I was, of course, a little bummed. However, anyone who has ever been a bride knows that you don’t even have time to eat at your own reception, much less feel sorry for yourself, because you’re missing a few key people. Well, that and I had a few cosmos. That helped, too.
Anyhoo, it’s five years later and we’re still trucking along. We’ve had our share of peaks and probably several people’s share of valleys, but we’re committed to making it work. Well, today we’re committed. Tomorrow I might be ready to throw him from a moving vehicle. ha!

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