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I realize it’s been a while.  And as you can tell by the title, this does not seem adoption related, but with one line at the end, I will bring it all together… watch.  😉

I just spent 45 minutes at PetSmart.  First, I realized the company that made my cat’s food changed the formulas yet again.  Murphy has a very sensitive stomach, and he’s the only reason I keep buying this brand.  Since they’ve done this several times, I had to switch.  I bought one small bag of their food (I think) and went in search of a food to switch them to.

First,  I started looking for a brand that I was familiar with, and on the way I saw new stuff – grain-free cat food!  Eating grain-free reduces inflammation and can reduce several diseases that people in America suffer from; maybe cats were next.  I survived one diet change, I could do it again.  In January, my cats went on a diet.  I didn’t think it was possible to do it.  I thought I would die listening to their “meow”s for more food all day.  But after just 2 months of feeding them a set amount at the same time of day, they both lost weight.  In addition to losing weight, Tabitha became a different cat!  She used to be standoffish and very anti-social.  In the last two months, she’s become very loving and wants to cuddle.

I started to wonder if my cats were inflamed from eating grain.  Was that pound that Tabitha lost just enough to take stress off of her little  joints and make her a happy cat?  Well, what if I start feeding them grain-free?  Maybe they’ll both come out of their shells and be wonder cats!  I work with nutrition expert, Dr. Dawn Cadwallader. I’ve seen her change diets in children to gluten-free, and they become different kids within a week.  It’s amazing!  Maybe I need to do the same thing with my cats.  I grabbed my phone out to text her.  Dr. Dawn has been there for me for a lot of stuff.  I know I could call her in the middle of the night and she’d answer.  But something told me that texting her a question about cat food on a Friday afternoon while she was at a seminar in Dallas was not the best idea ever.  I put my phone away.

I frantically started reading food labels and grabbing different brands to compare.  After about 5 minutes, I realized I had no clue what I was reading.  Cross-eyed after 10 minutes, I convinced myself that they were cats.  Senior cats at that.  They have a good indoor life, they are incredibly healthy, they have no issues, nor have they ever.  I could probably put down the one-pound bag of $30 grain-free cat food.   I convinced myself to go with a well-known brand that had been around for a long time.  I got up to the register only to second guess myself.  I got really nervous about the food that I purchased.  ”What if”s kept going through my head.

As I was driving home, agonizing about whether I made the right decision… I started laughing really hard.

What am I going to do when I have to pick out food for my children?  (Probably have a panic attack and pass out in the fruits and vegetable section.)

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  • I love to have cat in my house and I love its small child that looks amazing to me. I like your blog Geri and wait for your next blog. Can you pm me?