Come On, Ride That Train

Choo Choo! Like most three year-old boys (and maybe even girls), Haeden loves all things that go. Most especially, things that go fasssst (insert Haeden fist pumping here).  And so, a couple of weeks ago we decided to take the little man on a Sunday drive to Folkston, GA.
Folkston is an itty bitty town in southeastern Georgia known for it’s double train track which serves as the main artery for railroad traffic into and out of Florida. The tracks are also known as the “Folkston Funnel”. I had no idea that train watching was such a thing, but judging by the serious set ups (lap tops, video cameras, small children in pack-n-plays) we saw that weekend, it most definitely is.
We were there for around an hour and saw three trains come through. Haeden really got a kick out of seeing the trains up close and personal, but I think the highlight of the trip for me was hitting up Dairy Queen on our way out of town!
Luckily, Dan had his camera and since I was being a total helicopter mom (train tracks and toddlers do not mix), I even found myself in a few shots. Woot!

Sunnies swap.

Family shot. I think we actually get one of these per year. Check out Haeden’s Stevie Wonder impression.

Can you believe that one isn’t mine?

And for only $99 per night, you can actually train watch night and day from your very own caboose! Who doesn’t want to get in on that, huh?!
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