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Sign Language: Weaving it Into Daily Activities

So I have gone over the who, what, where, how, why and when of signing. Today I am going to go over a little more about the when and what. Signing Can Be Incorporated Into Everyday Activities As I have said many times, language is not learned in a bubble. Children learn language all day,…

60 Years & Counting

Two little love birds sitting in a tree… My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage this weekend. Can you even imagine? They met in Holland many moons ago. My grandfather was a missionary, and my grandmother had just joined the Mormon church. He replaced the missionary that had converted her family. My grandfather and his…

Food Fun Friday: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats

If you are looking for a quick no-bake dessert or treat, you’ve come to the right place. I know this is quick because I prepared it in 15 minutes. Faithful readers know that my family is currently residing in temporary housing while we wait for our home to close. We didn’t take a lot with…

The Days

“Mom, how long has summer been so far?” “About a week.” “It feels faster. I want it to be slow.” “That would be nice.” “I’m pretty sure it would feel slower if we went out for ice cream everyday.”

A Few Changes Can Lead to Great Photos: Tip 1

Life Lesson from Photography School Contributing Photographer: Carla Ackermann Every Tuesday for the next several weeks we will be exploring some basic photography concepts in this series “Life Lessons from Photography School.” This wonʼt be a time where we learn a whole lot of technical stuff; there are hundreds of websites to do that! We…

Baby Brain is REAL!!!

I never would have thought so before now…and yes, I can see and hear all of you who are shaking your heads and chanting, “Never say never again, Karith!” Of course, that’s not just a great James Bond movie, but an expression for a reason. I have done some of the dumbest, flakiest stuff lately,…

Thursday: 5 Ingredient Lemonade Pie

This is a nice summer treat- perfect for barbecues or picnics. And, of course, you can accompany it with a glass of lemonade… or just of milk. Enjoy! Ingredients *1 can Western Family sweetened condensed milk *4 egg yolks *1/2 cup white sugar *1/2 cup lemon juice *graham cracker crust Mix the lemon juice and…

Reusing Jar Candle Tops

I’ve had 4 Yankee Candle jar toppers sitting in my kitchen drawer for about 6 months. Every time I open the drawer, I think I need to throw them away, but you know me; I just couldn’t do it. I finally found a use for them! Call me crazy, but it worked well This was…

Life……Not Always The "Ideal Situation"

Tomorrow is “D” Day, and I should be sleeping, but instead I thought I’d blog, get it all out so to speak. When some people ask me about the divorce and I answer honestly, they’re surprised. Surprised that I have already moved on, that I am actually looking forward to the divorce. What most people…