Daily Archives June 1, 2012

Recipe for a world geography co-op

Many people have told me how much they hated geography when studying it in school as kids. I’m always rather shocked; nerd that I was (ummm…..am), I always thought geography was awesome! History and economics and political science, blah blah blah, not so much, but places and the stuff that goes on there? And maps?…

DIY Camera Strap Cover

Featured Contributor: Leigh Ann Phillips When my husband bought me a SLR camera, I knew I wanted to make it distinctive, so I made a camera strap cover for it. You can too! You’ll need: Fabric – I bought a precut Jelly Roll at Joann’s, but you can use any scrap fabric. Thread Fusible Fleece…

Says Who?

photo “Mom? What’s disco?” “It’s a kind of music and dancing that was really popular about thirty years ago.” “I heard it died. Is it dead?” “Some people think so.” “What does the dance look like?” “Kind of like this – watch.” “Mom? Are you okay? You can stop now… Mom?’