Baby Brain is REAL!!!

I never would have thought so before now…and yes, I can see and hear all of you who are shaking your heads and chanting, “Never say never again, Karith!” Of course, that’s not just a great James Bond movie, but an expression for a reason. I have done some of the dumbest, flakiest stuff lately, and it just seems to be getting worse.

Here’s the short list of what I’ve done…or at least, what I’m willing to cop to.


My darling husband, CJ, has usurped our entire garage for all of his tools, clothes (yes, the man has WAY more clothes than I do – trust me, no one was more surprised than me) and his motocross stuff that is, of course, of value to him. Well, I had to run out the other day after he’d left to run a quick errand. The garage door needed to be closed, then locked. A simple enough task. So I closed it, and I even put the pad lock on it, or so I thought. Sure, I put the lock on, but the way that I did it was essentially for asthetics with no function whatsoever. All his stuff was ripe for the taking. Doh!


While I’m thoroughly enjoying my new car – the first ever new car I’ve had in my possession. I’m still getting used to it….In fact, I don’t think my brain has caught up to the reality that it’s actually mine. The other day I kept sticking the key from my old car into my new one, obviously getting no results. I almost got so mad that I was just seconds away from calling the dealership to complain that this brand spanking new car was a dud. Thank God I looked down and realized it wasn’t a car error, but my own. I was a heartbeat away from cussing a Kia dealership out and embarrassing the hell out of myself. Nice Foster…real nice.


But the icing on the cake of my “baby brain” genius is that while I was cooking dinner the other night. I made the grandiose mistake of making lasagna – the dish itself wasn’t a mistake, as it’s one of my specialty dishes, but being the rocket scientist that I am, I did it in a WHITE tee-shirt! No apron, no smock – but one of my favorite white tees. Thank you! Thank you very much! No applause please, as that was pure genius on my part.

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