On a Stick

Eric has decided, this summer, that food is better on a stick. Whether it’s apple slices on toothpicks or a sandwich-kebob, he gobbles it all!

Going with the kebob theme he’s got going, I’ve found a few recipes for yummy treats on a stick – my favorite, I think, being blueberries and strawberries on a stick, rolled in honey greek yogurt and stuck in the freezer for an hour. I loved them…alas, he didn’t so much. Watermelon cubes on a stick was a big hit though, and a lot less prep time too!

Sandwich on a stick, or sandwich-kebobs, is a big favorite of his right now…like a lunchable, only stickified! The cheese took a few tries to find a good way to make it work; cheddar cheese cubes split right in half, and squares of cheese (both cheddar and Kraft slices) also wanted to split. Eventually I found if I cut a Kraft cheese slice into thirds and folded them over once on each other, they would stay on quite well. The meat is simple, pretty much any sliced meat in strips and folded over. As for the bread, I discovered that a shot glass makes great rounds!

They come out the perfect size, it removes the crust, and they fit 4 to a slice like it was custom made for the job!

Anything that makes meal time a little easier and more fun, I am all about.

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