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Coping With Bedwetting: 20 Tips for Parents

This article is far from a” how to” train your child to potty train in one day or in one week.  Everytime I read articles like that I would have to chuckle because in the midst of our battle it just seemed funny to be able to train a child in one day (though I…

If you build it….

After 3 weeks of construction and one year (at least) of shopping to pick out the “perfect _______” (Insert anything baby here… cloth diapers, detergent, theme, color)…  The nursery is done! There is not much going on with the actual adoption.  We’ve had at least one more situation come and go since my last post….

Letting Kids Work it Out

My twins turn four next week and my youngest is currently two and a half. Being a parent is never easy, but our house had become a war zone. It seemed like all the kids ever did was fight. Sure there were moments of laughter and sweetness among them, but the general sound we heard…