Daily Archives July 27, 2012

Food Fun Friday – Pretzel Bark

I recently purchased some pretzels for a snack for the kids and myself. I was thinking about how I love chocolate covered pretzel rods. In fact, we even made some ourselves this past Christmas. This gave me the idea to make some pretzel bark. It is super simple to make and the kids just love…

Rainbow Fish Torn Paper Craft

It’s summer…which means heat, beaches, vacations…so we have been reading books and doing crafts that revolve around the ocean and it’s life! This month we are loving The Rainbow Fish and have been doing some fun activities to go along with it. First up? A simple (but fun) torn-paper craft. I did this one with…

5 Healthy Ways to Handle a Crying Child

We love our children and our little babies, but sometimes when they are crying, it’s just a hard knock life for us! There are a lot of ways to handle your children screaming, fussing, and crying, but some methods are definitely superior to others. Today’s article for Moms is about 5 ways that you can…