Fridge Magnet Cups…LIFESAVER

If you have kids, you know they are always asking for something. Mine ask for something to drink. Mainly water. They know how to dispense the water from the fridge, but the incessant asking for a cup was driving me batty. Actually, driving us both batty. God must have been listening, because not 2 days later, a tutorial on MADE saved my life.

We promptly went to Hobby Lobby the next day for magnets. Then to Target for cups. I even let the kids pick their own cups, and they were horrible, but that is another story.

The next day, while they were at the GPs, I made the cups.

They love them. I love them. Todd loves them. We are all happy again. Everything is right in the universe, and it would be silly for me NOT to share it with you.
Oh, while I’m at it…4th of July was a blast!
Boy, do I love these 3!

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