Wall Decals Using Contact Paper

I have had this idea for years now, why not use contact paper for wall decals?  I bought the contact paper months ago and have used it for everything but Wall Stickers.  I was re-doing my room and my plan was to paint some art to put on the wall above the bed.  We have a platform bed (that my amazing hubs made) so I was looking for something to take up a lot of space since we don’t have a headboard.  Immediately the thought came to me, finally I get to put this contact paper to use.

I usually name all of my art work,  I named this Wall Decal art STAND BY ME.  It’s two love birds out on a branch of a tree that is bare.  Sometimes in our marriage we don’t have much to give but all we need from our spouse is for them to just stand next to us.  I love Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116

Love is not love,

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove

O no! it is an ever-fixed mark…..

  • It worked fabulously!
  • It only cost me $3 for the roll.
  • It was so easy!
  • It peels off the wall easily.

Convinced yet!

You will need: scissors, sharpie and colored contact paper (I used black contact paper above).

This large Wall Adhesive would have cost me $50 but this cost me $3.  I free-handed my tree on the back of the black contact paper. In some areas where I made the branch to thick I would just peel it off and slim it down as I went.  It is actually one long piece for the thick branch and then I added all the other ones on as I went along. If you’re not comfortable with freehand then print out your image and enlarge it, cut it out and trace it to the back of the contact paper.  Use scissors or an exacto knife.  I prefer scissors.

You could also use colored contact paper for the birds but I wanted to paint them. I love how the birds are leaning on each other.

The DIY Faux Capiz Chandelier tutorial you can find here.  This is an original post from my blog that I wrote last year but I wanted to share here on our e-zine.

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