DIY Mini White Water Rapids

Today we have Carla from Preschool POWOL Packets sharing this super fun white water rapids activity you can do with your littles! This would be a GREAT activity for a hot day outside, or you can adapt it as an indoor activity (bath time?). This is great for working on vocabulary such as in, out, float, under, boat, water, river, first, next, last, etc. LOVE IT!! I am definitely doing this one ASAP! ~Katie

I’m so glad Katie invited me over to share an activity with you!  We’ve had a lot of fun this month watching the Olympics and hosting our own versions of some of the events.  One of our favorites has been our Mini White Water Rapids, inspired by the Olympic White Water Rapids and an article from Family Fun.  We did it on a backyard scale, but you can easily adapt it to a tabletop scale inside a bucket.  Either way will let your child experiment with floating and sinking objects of his choice (or yours!).  Your child will also experience the effects of gravity and water-flow through a wonderful tactile experience!

To make your own Mini White Water Rapids in the backyard, you will need the following supplies:

  • 7-10 feet of aluminum foil
  • 3 different platforms (we used a table, an adult sized chair, and two child sized chairs)
  • 6-8 rocks
  • “boats” (we used some small plastic boats, small sponges, feathers, and sticks)
  • A garden hose

Easy Assembly:

Arrange your platforms in descending order and drape the aluminum foil down each step.  Fold the edges up to contain the water and use your rocks to support any edges that tip.  Place the hose at the top platform and let your “white water rapids” begin!  Let your child use any boats of his choice and switch as often as he wants!  You may also want to supply some buckets for any other additional experiments your child thinks of.

Do your kids like to play in the water?   I’d love to hear from you, either here or at Preschool Powol Packets!!  Thanks again, Katie, for having me over!

Happy Educating!

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