How To Be a Roadie by Bob Rosenberg

When I was little and I went to my dad’s music shows, I was just a baby size person still so I couldn’t help anyone. I just did sleeping mostly and hung around and did baby things. That’s different now.

If you are old like me, you can be a roadie. Roadie is a name for music show rock band helper guy. That is you. Now when you’re grown up and six-years old, when you go to a music show you get to say things like, “I’m with the band.” Maybe you will get a wrist band or an ink stamp on your hand. When you go to a show and your mom asks if you want to get an ice cream at the ice cream truck that’s parked by the show you will have to say, “No, Mom. I have to help dad first.” This is because you are a roadie and your job is to move band things around like guitars and suitcases that have lots of stickers on them.

When you are being a roadie you can see the band play really up close like from the front or maybe the side of the stage. The stage is the big part that your mom wants you to not fall off of.

When the band is all done you can move stuff back off the stage and the sound guy will maybe call you “Bro” or something like that. Then you should go to each one of the band musicians and tell them that they sounded great because that’s the polite thing to do plus they even did sound great. They might high five you or something. That will be cool because you are a roadie, a super cool roadie.

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