Lunch Box Jokes

You’re never too old for corny jokes, especially if you have children.  My boys love knock, knock jokes, but they mostly love to make ones up that make no sense.  Here’s one for you:

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Cup in my underwear

Cup in my underwear who?

Cup in my underwear I want water cause I am thirsty.

I told you that they don’t make any sense, but our whole family cracks up because my boys are so stinking silly – even our 20 month old is laughing his little heart out.

I know my boys are going to love getting these in their lunch box! Later this month, I will have some more so you can stock up before school starts.

Just right click on image, choose copy, and then paste it in your document so you can print them out.

What are some of the jokes your kids enjoy?

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