Modest is Hottest: How to be Stylishly Modest

Modest is Hottest and now with the fashion industry catching on to what the Quakers have been sharing with us for centuries we don’t have to sacrifice fashion for modesty.

I have a funny story to share about Quakers and modesty.  Back in one of my counseling classes in grad school there was a sweet lady who was a Quaker.  That year our school had Spirit Week and I participated in Twin day. My friend and I found some awful, gaudy and flashy dresses on a sale rack and we decided we would wear them for Twin Day.  All of my friends had participated so I didn’t feel awkward until I walked into my more mature counseling class wearing my bright, sequins, short dress that was anything but modest.  Over by the wall, in her usual spot sat my sweet friend that was a Quaker with her 5 visiting Quaker friends all in their dark clothing and bonnets. The only other open seat was next to them which meant I had to walk past them. In my bright, flashy sequins dress and red from embarrassment face I said hi and quickly sat down. I am glad I can laugh about it now.

Now back to dressing stylishly modest.  The key to feeling attractive is self-confidence it’s not wearing clothes that leave very little to the imagination.  Here are some tips to help you check yourself before you leave the department store or walk out of your house.  You can also shop at clothing shops that make clothes with modesty in mind, I like

5 Things to Check Before You Walk Out the Door

1. Bend over check. Bend over and check if your butt crack is showing or if your blouse hangs too low.  Wear it with a long blouse or with a camisole or tank top under your shirt to cover your butt crack or your cleavage.  You can also use a long cardigan. Image via Mikarose Tunic Top

2. Cross your legs check. When you cross your legs and your dress or skirt  crawls up more than a couple of inches you need something longer or can wear it with tights or leggings. image via Bourban and Pearls

3. Raise your hands check. Does your shirt come up? Wear a long tank top or camisole under it.

4. Button Check– When you button up your blouse is there a large gap in between each button? When buttoned does your blouse crack open in between each button because it’s too tight? Sometimes all you need are some safety pins or wear it with a long tank top or scarf. Image via The Pink Peonies

5. I See-Through You Test– Stand with your legs open wide and check if you can see through the dress.  If so, wear it with tights, leggings or a slip. Image via Style Me Pretty.

I mentioned Mikarose Shop above, they have a fabulous selection of stylishly modest clothes with a vintage flair. Here is a dress I own from them.

The Bailey dress is not just stylishly modest but I love that I can wear it to the beach or dress it up for a night out on the town. I shared some tips here on how to Dress Down Your Fancy Dress.

Guess what? Not only did I get to review this dress but if you stop by in a couple of weeks, Mikarose will be giving YOU something. Here on our e-zine you can enter to win a $50 gift certicate to their shop.

What are some of your stylishly modest tips?

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