Slacker. Yep, that’s me lately. At least when it comes to the ‘ol blog.  Life has been busier than it normally is. Besides the usual full-time job and what not, I have been attending zumba classes twice a week and trying to get some other form of exercise the remaining five.  Okay more like three. A girl needs a break here and there, ya know.

So, basically, unless you are really into pictures of Haeden riding the same bike around the same block or me looking like a (sweaty) drowned rat, I’m really doing you a favor. Besides, who has time for blogs right now? The Olympics are on! THE OLYMPICS!

1. Savannah, GA.
2. Bathing booty.
3. “Rock climbing”
4. Finnster.
5. Nascar racer.
6. Laaaaave.
7. Run Wild My Child. Needs to be moved down a little, but I am totally in love with this print!
8. More Savannah. I just spent last weekend there but hardly took any photos. It was just too hot.
All I could do was sweat and eat ice cream.
9. Nap time is my favorite.

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