Water Balloon Activities

I love playing with water balloons, and I love watching my kids play with them. There’s something so innocent and joyful about an afternoon playing with something so easy! I decided to share 10 of my most favorite activities we do with water balloons in the hopes that you enjoy these with your kids as well.

Baseball Water Balloon: You knew this was coming, right? I love this one, because it’s so easy and fun! Just fill up some water balloons, have a plastic bat for the kids, and there you go.

Water Balloon Bowling: Just like it sounds. Fill up empty 2-liter bottles about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way and arrange into the desired patters. Give each child a balloon and let them roll or throw the balloon at the bottles to try and knock them down.

Musical Hot Potato Water Balloon: Play music (or sing!), and when the music stops, the person left holding the balloon has to break it over their head.

Musical Water Balloon Stomp: Just like musical chairs! Make one balloon less than you have people playing the game and designate one person who will stand away from the group to play music (or sing!). Start the music and have the children go around the circle until the music stops. Each child must stomp on a balloon, and the one who doesn’t have a balloon is then ‘out’ for the next round.

Cut the Water Balloon: Give each child a plastic knife, a paper plate, and a certain number of water balloons. Every child sets his water balloons on the plate and cuts into them with the plastic knife. Turn this into a race to see which player cuts through all balloons first.

Water Balloon Toss with a Twist: Fill up a water balloon and then poke a small hole in it (a thumb tack works well). Have the kids toss it back and forth until the water runs out. Then, repeat!

Target Practice: Draw a target (you can draw it on the driveway, sidewalk, side of the house, etc.) and number the circles. Have the children toss the balloons and see who gets the highest score.

Water Balloon Bucket: Fill a bucket about halfway with water. Have your child toss the balloon in. Each time they’re successful, have them take a step backwards.

Water Balloon Toss: Have the children stand facing each other and then have them toss the water balloon back and forth. Each time they pass it successfully, have them take a step backwards. See how far they can get!

Water Balloon Fight: I don’t think I need to explain this one. Just let them throw and have fun getting wet :-)

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