Daily Archives September 12, 2012

Sleepy hero of mine

Lately we’ve had a lot of sleeping, which is par for the course with a Mito fighter. But she’s still a goofyball and look at her Beads of Courage collection. She’s earned every bead and she’s proud of them all!

Brown Butter Caramel Apple Popovers

Contributing Writer: Heather Kinnaird at French Press Back to school reminds me of fall – even if it is 100 degrees. Fall reminds me of apples, and apples are best eaten with caramel. For more fabulous Fall recipes, breakfast on the go recipes, crafts, home decor…. stop by here! In an effort to get off on…

Getting Out the Door

“Bob, we’ve got to leave. We’re running late. Please get your shoes on.” “Mom, Venomari are the Serpentine guys from Ninjago…” “Shoes, please.” “…one of the Venomari is named Spitta and…” “Both shoes.” “…one of the leaders is the leader of the Constrictai guys…” “Go to the front door please.” “…and there’s a short version…