I was thinking

I know. Scary thought, right?

Seriously though. I was thinking about my morning with Clayton. It sort of went like this:

Me: Y’all need to figure out who’s cup got left on the table that the cat knocked over and clean up the water on the floor.

*ten minutes later*

Me: Seriously, guys. This needs to be cleaned up.

Clayton: Well I never get big red cups of water. Plus, I remember putting mine in the sink last night.

Me: Clayton, you either never had a red cup or put yours in the sink.  Actually, I don’t care. Clean it up, please because I remember seeing Will put his in the sink last night.

Clayton: Wait, but …

Me: Please just clean it up. I don’t wasn’t to argue about it.

Clayton: You have to listen to me…

Me: No. I really don’t want to hear it. Not another word.

Clayton: But Rachel…

Me: No.

Clayton: argh!

Then Clayton proceeds to crumble up the bagel he was eating. All.over.the.floor.

I have to say, had this happened with either Sarah or James, I would have totally lost it at this point. But since I’m desperately trying to be a better mom to Will and Clayton (and Daniel and Keelan), I tried to remain calm and just work through this. I might or might not have counted to 10. Ten times.

Me: Once you clean up the water, please get the broom and clean up the bagel. Oh, and you’re grounded.

But back to what I was thinking about. The next time I find a mess in the morning, I’m just gonna clean it up myself and avoid the drama. I know it won’t really teach the kids about personal responsibility, but honestly I don’t even care at this point.

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  • Parenting books go on and on about not giving in to kids, but seriously- who has that many hours in the day to plead, cajole and negotiate with stubborn kids. And who has the patience. If I didn’t give in and choose the ‘do it myself’ option sometimes I’d be dead of hyper-tension before they grow up.