Make Your Own Musical Instruments

It’s no secret that The Younger loves anything creative. She loves singing, dancing, and playing instruments, so I decided making homemade instruments would be a fun activity.

First I gathered everything I needed. I got some dried beans, rice, bells, and some stickers and markers. Then I pulled some paper plates and plastic cups from the cabinet, removed the paper towel roll from our paper towels, found a rubber band, stapler, and the scissors. While I was in the junk drawer I found an old Easter egg, and that proved to be a good find too!

We made the horn first. For this, I had The Younger decorate the paper towel tube while I cut an X in the bottom of the cup. When she was done, I pushed one end of the tube through the X, and voila! She loved this, and it took a while for me to convince her to sit back down so we could continue making things :-)

After this we made the tambourine. She just lay the bells in the paper plates, and I stapled them together. She drew on them with the markers, and then spent about 15 minutes shaking it over her head. I asked her if she wanted to add ribbon (hole punch some spots on the edges and thread ribbon through), but she wasn’t interested…

Handmade Tambourine

Next we filled the Easter Egg with rice. Easy to do, and she loved the way it sounded and how easy it was to hold.

After that, I just kind of threw the rest of the stuff together. Honestly, all she cared about was noise, so it didn’t have to “be” anything. I dumped some more beans into a Solo cup, lay a paper towel over it, and then secured it with the rubber band. She was thrilled with that because it was loud.

All of our homemade musical instruments

Boy did we have fun! We created a marching band, she put on shows, and then she came up with the idea to do a modified “Red Light, Green Light” game as we marched. Phew, I’m tired ;-)

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