Medication Chart for Kids

Since we had to add 2 more medications to The Older’s daily practice, I decided it was time to get organized. I can remember a lot of things, but not 5 medications, one of which is only taken on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday basis! I ended up getting an erasable chore chart and some reusable stickers from Lakeshore Learning, and set up an easy-to-follow chart.

Yes, there are bears on it, but I figured the stars would make up for that.
I filled in the chart with the colors of the medications (for now), and this way he can keep track of the medication with me. I know he’s starting to feel out of control with everything that’s going on, so I thought this would give him a way to feel that he is managing at least something. As you can see, I also got him a daily pill box that I’m going to let him decorate any way he wants.

Filled out and ready for action!
Have you ever had anything like this that you’ve had to keep track of? What did you do to keep it all straight for you and your kids?

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