Peanut’s Favorite Books

Peanut (26 months) is an avid reader. She reads all throughout the day, and we have an impressive children’s library to help sustain her appetite for books. Yet she still chooses the same books over and over and over and over again. And just when you think she has had enough of the book, she asks for it again! Here are some of her favorite books at the moment:

The Little Red Caboose – This was Daddy’s C’s book when he was a boy, so it’s a special book handed down to Peanut. She LOVES this book. The reading is repetitive, but the illustrations are so involved, it’s no wonder she likes looking at all the pages. I think I have this one memorized!

Little Red’s Autumn Adventure – I bought this book at Ollie’s last year to go along with our leaf theme week awhile back. I wasn’t expecting too much fuss over it, but it has become an all-time favorite read for her. The writing is clever and the illustrations are captivating.

Pajama Time – This i s a great bedtime book with a catchy rhyme-song. Daddy C and I both read it differently, but we both have it memorized. A fun read sure to delight any child!

It’s Time to Sleep My Love – This is a beautiful book written like a lullaby. It makes ME want to curl up in bed and begin dreaming! The illustrations are simply wonderful, truly a treasure.

The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers – This is Peanut’s Bible, and we read it to her every night. She loves reading her Bible and often totes it around with her during the day too! What I love about this toddler Bible is that it is the perfect size for little hands and has great illustrations for many stories – not just the popular ones! I highly recommend this one!

Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm
I will admit, this is not my favorite book, but Peanut is obsessed with it. It reads with a strong accent so maybe that’s why she likes it, oh and the fact that there are tons of balloons (one of her favorite things to which she used to refer to as “Bingy!”)- this one is a winner.

Franklin’s Baby Sister – Ah, the Franklin book. We have this one almost memorized as well, which is saying something considering it’s not exactly a short book! She just loves this book, and it was read to her frequently before Snowflake was born. Given the chance, she will reach for this one!

I could list more, but these are definitely on the top right now!

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