Eleven years ago I was pregnant with Eliza when the Twin Towers went down.  As I watched that terrible day unfold, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of panic over bringing another child into a world that could be so brutal.

Obviously I’ve had two more children since then, because although sometimes life can seem heartbreakingly awful, life really is pretty beautiful.

And you know what’s even better?

I get caught in the trap of trying to force things to be great, and in doing so I sometimes miss those everyday moments that are ordinarily awesome.

Today we had another tear-filled drop-off at preschool, but thankfully Larissa is in such loving hands…the director chased after me and Kellan in the parking lot to reassure me that she had already stopped sobbing.  Just a little gesture but it made my heart feel a bit less heavy.

Kellan and I only had an hour to occupy ourselves until it was time to pick Larissa back up, so we went to the closest grocery store to pick up eggs.  I was on auto-pilot just planning to run and in run back out, but the second we got out of the car an older gentleman said hello to us and winked as he passed us in the parking lot, and something about that gesture made me smile.

Inside the store, Kellan and I came across these:

Do you have an Aldi near you?  If so, $2.99 will buy you these little bits of heaven.  BEST peanut butter cups on Earth.  No lie.

As Kellan and I checked out another older gentleman started chatting me up in line.  It was just friendly small talk, but it was surprisingly nice to chat with someone, especially since the typical shopping line is full of crabby, busy, hurried people.

After we picked up a cheerful Larissa, I drove through Starbucks because I had won a $5.00 gift card the other day.  The wait in the drive thru lane was probably longer than average, but Kellan, Riss and I were singing along to the radio so I didn’t really notice.  Usually when this kind of thing happens it drives me absolutely NUTS, mostly because I’m typically in a hurry to be somewhere else.  Today?  We had nowhere to go but home.

When I pulled up to the window the girl at the counter said, “You had to wait much too long.  Your coffee is on us.”

A free Caramel Latte?  At Starbucks?  When does that ever happen?

We came home with plenty of time before Kellan’s kindergarten bus arrived.  Which meant I had plenty of time to bring my “A” game to lunch.  Trust me, lunch NEVER looks this good!

After Kellan’s bus left, Larissa and I took off to run a quick errand.  I was dreaming about sitting outside to read my new book when we got home, but generally Larissa makes that kind of blissful respite close to impossible.  However…..

Bingo!  Not only did I get to read three chapters as she snoozed in the car, I managed to get a 20-minute nap for myself.  Unheard of!

Not to make it sound like it’s all been a bed of roses, but as typical days go, this one has been pretty darned good.  I’ve given up winning the lottery – these day’s I’m pretty happy with the equivalent of a $2.00 win on a scratch card 😉

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