Toddler Trouble #1 – Fingers

Even thought my Eli is not really a toddler anymore I thought I would bring ya’ll a new weekly series…. TODDLER TROUBLE! I’ll probably change the name but it seems to fit what she’s going through at the moment. So Toddler Trouble will be a blog post all about what’s going on in my 3 year olds life; blog posts from her perspective, my thoughts, stories she tells and just life with a toddler… sounds fun, hu?!

So today is Day 1! And I already know what I’m going to talk about….

For the past few weeks, maybe even more, Eli seems to have regressed into a teething baby! She is always putting her fingers in her mouth and eating them! I would kinda get it if she had food on them, but she doesn’t. She just licks, sucks and bites her finger. I tried getting a photo of her doing it, but I think she’s not very proud of her new habit and she knows that Mami & Daddy don’t like it when she does it. lol

When she does do it we do tell her that her fingers don’t go in her mouth and do kinda get after her when she does it consistently and such. Only a few times has she gone to time-out for doing it because she does it right after we just finished telling her to stop.

This week, with the newborn turning 4 weeks old, we were promoting clean hands and we were doing really good until everyone got sick! Our girls love the new baby and they love to hoover over her. So now I have to keep on eye on Eli even more with putting her fingers in her mouth, it’s so annoying.

Question: Should we resort to “nail-biting” methods to get her to stop “eating” her fingers? Got any other suggestions for us?

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