We’re Never Gonna Make It

School starts Monday.  As in less than a week from today.  We are in big trouble.  BIG trouble.

How do I know?  Here are a few clues that we are behind the 8-ball.

This kid is still asleep.  It’s 10:00.  I’ve been waking him up for over an hour now.  The bus comes at 6:33 a.m.  Good luck!

This is me cooking breakfast…or as the rest of the world calls it at 9:40 a.m. – brunch.

I made myself some notes about times relevant to back-to-school.  Problem is, I have no idea when these events are supposed to occur.  There are no dates.  Except for the word “Friday”, and I know for sure that is our one free day this week.  I sure do love a good mystery!  And those forms underneath my note pad?  Those are Kellan’s medical records that I still haven’t managed to take over to the school.  I am killing it over here, I tell you!

You know what?  Let’s pretend this is me!!  “Delightfully” ordered.

Feel free to laugh now…..

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