What I learned at Back to School Night

Every year the elementary school that Daniel attends has a Back to School event.  It’s supposed to be a night where you can enjoy dinner (hot dogs, baked beans, chips and sweet tea) with your family, learn about the new things happening in the school this year and then finally, meet your child’s teacher and about what they expect from your student (you) during the school year.

I did learn some of that stuff, but mostly I learned the following:

My kid will spill his sweet tea.  Only my kid.

The baked beans aren’t really baked at all.  They open a can of beans and heat them up.  Blech.

Parents talk while the principal is talking.  Seriously, folks.  Try to set an example for your kids.  No one talks when the teacher or principal is talking.  You just don’t.  That’s like Kindergarten 101.

Educators like PowerPoint. A lot.

Educators also like to talk really quietly and because all those parents are talking, you can’t hear a bloody thing.

And finally, the most important thing I learned is that I do not like children.  Someone tell me again why I have so many?

Oh, cause they’re cute.

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