Yogurt Bites (no freeze)

These little bites are great for a party, a snack or a school lunch treat. We shared a similar recipe, Frozen Yogurt Bites, back in our Summer Issue but I love these even more because they don’t have to be frozen. My kids absolutely love these snacks and they enjoy making them with me.

Yogurt Bites

(The recipes below is for Apple Yogurt Bites but you can mix up flavor to your liking.)

  • 18 oz of yogurt (we used plain yogurt)
  • 4 oz of Jello  box powder  I used Apple Flavor

1. In a small sauce pan mix all the ingredients, for 3 minutes over low heat until Jello has dissolved.

2. Place in molds.  We have experimented with different molds. In candy molds (greased), ice trays and silicone molds.  When I placed the mix in detailed candy molds it didn’t work too well but the rest worked just fine.

3. Place in fridge until it hardens, approximately 20-30 minutes.

Left overs for these snacks don’t exist in my house, they are gone within 15 minutes but you would store them in the fridge.

I also tried strawberry yogurt and lemon jello, yum! The creations in flavor are endless, enjoy!

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