Hot Topic Friday *Bath Time*

Welcome to Hot Topic # 4. Gonna make this one a quicky…. gotta get back to doing laundry, lol. Eli has a bacterial infection and is super clingy. She’s taking a nap, so I thought I’d type this out real quick before she wakes up…..

I wanted to talk about something I have been thinking about since having another baby (she’s going on 10 weeks now!). It’s not really a “hot topic” just a “What do you think” type blog today. It’s something we all do and I think we should enjoy it…


Bath time to me is a chore and I feel like a bad mother if I don’t bathe my girls everyday. But I don’t! My oldest daughter, who’s now 8, use to love to take a bath. When she was a baby I would bathe her atleast 4-5 times a day. And then I stopped taking her a bath when she started school at around 5. I gave her the excuse that she’s a big girl and if she wants to be stinky then she didn’t have to take a bath. And now she also sees bath as a chore and usually whines when I tell her it’s time to take a bath. With her, I know that she now does have to take a bath daily because she sweats and is starting to stink, especially her feat, lol.

Then when we had baby number two I would bathe her once or twice a week. Then I started asking hubby to take her a bath cus I just didn’t want to do it. Plus, she did not like taking a bath. Now I throw her in the tub with her older sister and if she washes herself okay, if not, okay. Hubby and I usually take turns washing her privates and her hair at every other bath or so.

Now with baby #3 here I have designated a bath day… Tuesdays. That is the day I also clean and clip her nails and ears. But now that she is going to be ten weeks and drinks more milk and gets her clothes/bib dirty she is starting to smell more (which I don’t remember happening with my other two girls). But I don’t want to take her another bath… I feel so bad.

As for myself, like I said, I hate taking baths… I usually take one every other day or so. I just don’t see the point if I’m just going to get all hot and sweating a few minutes after taking a bath. I find myself taking a bath right before I go to bed so that I’m a little refreshed.

I did read up on how often to take kids a bath and I think I’m doing okay. It’s just the fact that I feel like it’s a chore and putting that into my girls head. I like the way Savvy Science Mom put it in her blog, short and sweet.

  • Use common sense. If your child is visibly dirty, sweat a great deal during the day, or has an odor, it is time for a bath.
  • Prioritize—A good rule of thumb it to always bathe children after swimming or playing on the beach.
  • On
    days where there is no bath, make sure to wash the child’s hands
    throughout the day, keep the diaper area clean, and wash the face as
    needed after meals.
  • Stay flexible. Sometimes we are too busy or
    tired to give a bath as planned. Our children will not be endangered if
    they miss a bath.

My Thoughts? I think my routine is okay now. I also think that growing up my parents would tell us to “HURRY!” whenever we’d take a bath so I have the connection that taking long would waste more water. We grew up not so rich and I just hated to see my parents struggle and now I see the effects taking a long bath does to our water bill, lol. I know, I’m weird.

Hubby’s Thoughts?
“Just tell me when to do it.”  He is so good about helping me around the house, especially with the girls baths. He doesn’t like doing it either, but he was taught to take a bath everyday. He grew up with just his dad (and his uncle) and they would send him and his sister to take a bath just so they would get out of their hair. He got use to it and he can’t go to bed without take a bath. He wastes the most water, lol!

Your Thoughts?
Do you have any tips/ideas for me? How often do you take your kids/baby a bath? How often do you take a bath?

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