The Bossiest 4 Year Old You’ll Ever Meet

When I was pregnant with Lola we had no idea if we were having a girl or a boy up until the day before she was born. She barely moved in the womb, I had no symptoms at all and my stomach was the only thing that got big. Really big! After a very traumatic 12 hours, I gave birth to the sweetest, BIGGEST baby I had ever seen. We only stayed in the hospital for a little over 24 hours because she was soooooo good at nursing and she was obviously very healthy, so they let us leave early. She continued to be the best baby ever. Sleeping through the night from the get-go, nursing was so easy with her, she never cried, never even made a sound, even when she was hungry or needed a change. She was my last baby, and I had hit the jackpot!! Years passed and we struggled with a few issues. She didn’t walk till she was 2 1/2 due to a fever that set her back months, constipation was her nightmare and she had a brother who loved to treat her like a doll. She was such a good baby/little girl, that I didn’t even mind carrying all of her 25 pounds around till she was able to walk unassisted. I can still see the look of pure happiness on her chubby little face, reaching up to me with her chubby little arms and clinging on as tight as she could. It was blissful. Just look at her little face!!!

She was always this happy. Always! So don’t ask me what happened, because the little 4 year old living in my house is not the same little girl. She’s mean, she’s bossy and just down right rude sometimes. She has her good days and she has her bad days. When she’s having a good day she’s sweet and funny and so flippin’ cute I could squeeze her to death! But when she’s having a bad day, forget it!! It’s horrible. She will tell complete strangers to “Stop looking at me! I don’t like people!!’ O.O I have learned over this past year that if shes having a bad day the best way to handle her is with lots and lots of love. Lots of love. It can be very difficult at times, either because I’m already having a bad day, or I’m tired or I just don’t feel like dealing with her mood swings, but I reach deep down into my patience reserve and I do it. Let me share some of the various moods of my Lo……..
This is Thinking Lo….

This is my Cheese Lo, when she lets me take her picture and actually smiles…….

Upset Lo…….

Trouble Lo…..she’s thinking of new trouble

Pissed off Lo. I said no to her here. Lo does not like the word No.

Pretty Lo

And my Sweet Lo….

Her moods vary. This week she’s been Pissed off Lo. Nothing I say is right and she hates everything. ((sigh)) Luckily she’s so  cute. I swear it’s a defensive mechanism


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