Twas the Weekend Before Halloween….

It was a busy weekend around here!

Saturday night Rob and I went to our friend’s annual Halloween costume party.  Last year Rob and I didn’t worry so much about matching our costumes, but this year I thought it would be fun to coordinate outfits.  Since I am all about easy this year, I thought of the simplest costume for Rob and worked backwards from there.  Needless to say, I didn’t have to spend a dime on Rob’s half.

My half didn’t end up costing that much either.  I got the faux suede dress for $1.99 at the thrift store along with a $1.00 stuffed polar bear that I sacrificed for its fur.  I re-purposed a $0.50 set of bunny ears into antlers/ears using more stuffed animal pelt, the two pockets I ripped off the front of the dress, duct tape, hot glue and scrap muslin fabric.  I borrowed leggings from a friend and made my own ruffled underpants to compensate for the fact that I couldn’t bend over in that get-up without showing my “tail”.  Sharpie markers provided the shading on the fur as well as the blood.  I found a photo of another girl dressed as a deer and reproduced her make-up with a $1.99 face paint kit.  Rob insisted on adding as much realism as possible by “tagging” my leg with a real deer tag from an old hunt.  He tried to get me into the classing hunting trophy pose where he knelt down and held my head up from my limp body, but I said, “N-o.”  I had to draw the line somewhere.

The party itself was a hoot – but based upon these goofballs is there any doubt?


Thankfully Rob and I kept our drinking to a minimum so we were up and at ’em early Sunday morning.  We started with breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants and came home to carve our pumpkins.  That shadow of Hayden in the left corner is about all you’ll see of him as we basically had to force him into participating.  Teens can be such downers.

So can kids who are too wimpy to touch pumpkin guts….

He did it, but only under duress.  And it took a LOT of cajoling.

Larissa drew a face on her pumpkin and helped me cut it out.  She was enthralled by the entire process.  When it comes to holidays, preschoolers are the best!  I intend to rent some when all of my kids get too old and/or too cool for this stuff.

Happy Jack, happy Riss.

Weston wouldn’t readily admit it, but he’s one of my most artistic kids and really does enjoy crafty-pursuits.   He stuck with the project and did it all on his own without one bit of frustration, which is pretty impressive for him.

He even insisted on posing with a matching face!

I managed to carve a pumpkin too.  Usually I try for a fancy design, but this year I just started carving and ended up with something that I think looks like one of those masked Mexican wrestlers!

Nacho Libre!

Unfortunately Rob had to carve and run.  It was one of those weekends where he couldn’t stay for an entire Sunday, so as soon as the last Jack O’Lantern was finished, he had to hit the road.  The kids all scattered off to different pursuits so by the end of the evening I was getting a little antsy to do something.

Two or three years ago Rob did a siding and windows job for a guy who transforms his entire house and yard into a Halloween extravaganza that he calls “Haunt 31”.  (Click on the link to read all about it because my photos don’t even come close to doing it justice.)  He fills every inch of his yard and garage with an assortment of animatronics complete with spooky soundtrack.

Although the setup isn’t horrifying, it’s definitely creepy, especially in the dark.  It’s only after you get past the initial scare-traps that you realize it really is a perfect mix of fun and fear.  On a whim I decided that tonight we’d do a drive-by, but once Eliza saw where we were, she insisted on parking and getting out.  No fear, that one!  Me on the other hand??  I am 100% chicken – as in, if someone hides around a corner then jumps out and yells “Boo!” I freak out!  I thought I’d be able to sit tight in the car with Riss and Hayden (who has definitely inherited my scaredy cat gene!) except that Weston and Kellan both wanted to go see it up close…but only if I went with them.  UGH.  Kellan was scared, so of course I had to play it cool and act like I was completely okay with walking around Creepville even though I probably would have thought nothing of dropping him and running if I’d really gotten scared!

This disembodied upper torso laid on the driveway and when people came near he would crawl toward you.  It was seriously unnerving to everyone…but Eliza.  Right before we left I figured out that there was a person running him via remote control.

I am proud of myself because not only didn’t I scream once, I successfully convinced Kellan to let me lead him through the entire display, including the garage.  By the end, he was even laughing and waving good-bye to the live actors who were wandering the crowd.

This evil jester would just walk up and stare at you, or worse, stand quietly behind you until you turned around and — ACK!   Eliza loved him and he took a shine to her as well, because he must have chased her and/or tried to scare her a dozen different times.

The owner was inside this behemoth.  When you first walk in you think he’s just a statue and then…BOO!

This ghost was the best/worst.  He stood just around the bend in the garage and slowly rotated back and forth so you thought he was just another animatronic.  People would be busy looking around or worse, right at him and then – BAM! – he would jump out and grab them.  It was hysterical to watch!  Thankfully Eliza tipped me off so Kellan and I stood by the exit to watch him punk everyone else for a while before we walked in ourselves.  This is the one part of the entire display that scared Weston the most.  He had no idea it was a real person until a couple of minutes ago when Eliza and I were looking at the pictures!

See those hands on the left?  Those belonged to a crazed mental patient behind bars who would come to life and start rattling his cage in a rabid fit to escape.  I thought that was waaay scary!

When we left everyone begged to go back so I think we’ll head over there tomorrow night and maybe take some friends.

The first part of this week is sure to be mayhem with all the class parties and then actual Halloween on Wednesday, but I just keep focusing on the Milk Dud coma I anticipate putting myself into Thursday morning!!

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