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Christmas Tree Math Game

It’s going to be a little while until we put out our Christmas tree, but there’s no reason the kids can’t start decorating now. I picked up some felt at my local craft store and made a fun Christmas game for them to play that reinforces math and counting skills. You will need: Green felt…

Friday: DIY Advent Countdown Calendar!

My family is still fairly young and we are still establishing our family holiday traditions. This year, I thought it would be fun to have an Advent (countdown-to-Christmas) Calendar, and have a festive activity for each day til Christmas. Construction is simple (also cheap)- and shouldn’t take much to do at all! Materials *Colored felt…

Food Fun Friday – Meringue Snowmen

My girls have developed a love affair with meringues. I started buying containers of them at the store, but they are a little pricey. I decided to try my hand at making my own. I remember seeing some adorable meringue snowmen in a magazine a few years ago, but cannot remember where this idea originated….

Say What What?

photo “Popco-heh. Popco-heh. Popco-heh.” “Bob, what is that? What are you saying?” – “That’s how you say popcorn with a Spanish accent.” “Gotcha.” “You’re the best mom ever, Mom.” “Thanks for telling me that today. I kind of feel like I’ve been dropping the ball lately.” “That’s okay. I’ve been dropping the ball too.” “You…

Christmas Ornament Craft: Recycled Snowman

I have been looking for an easy but cute Christmas Ornament to make with my kids for our Christmas Ornament Challenge and Exchange.  I came up with this Recycled Christmas Ornament: Mr. Snowman! I am always looking for a way to save some money around the Christmas Holidays and looking for a simple and easy…

DIY Newborn photo ideas

I wanted to have a few photo ideas up my sleeves for #2’s first days. I heard that the hospital that we are delivering at does not have a good photographer so I want to get some things ready for when baby comes home or things that Mr. BBH can bring to the hospital. I…

Name Game

“… so then I got the ball from Breast-ton.” “Breast-ton? I think you mean Preston.” “No, Mom. His name’s Breast-ton, he told me.” “I’m pretty sure it’s Preston.” “Press-ton? What kind of name is that?”

Woven Paper Place Mats

We are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends this year, but are doing a family Thanksgiving the next day at home. Back in my teaching days, we always had the kids make woven paper place mats for Thanksgiving. I had totally forgotten about that until this week when I saw that my daughter’s preschool class was making place…

5 Easy Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Do Christmas Advent Calendars sound overwhelming to you?  Don’t let that keep you from trying this great family activity during the holidays because I have created and found some fun easy ideas for you. Let me ease your mind concerning Advent Calendars by telling you that you can start