Christmas Ornament Craft: Recycled Snowman

I have been looking for an easy but cute Christmas Ornament to make with my kids for our Christmas Ornament Challenge and Exchange.  I came up with this Recycled Christmas Ornament: Mr. Snowman!

I am always looking for a way to save some money around the Christmas Holidays and looking for a simple and easy Christmas crafts to do as a family. Here is one that I love because not only is it cute but we are also using items from around the house.

This year I decided to do a fun kid Christmas tree for our family instead of my  usual grown up theme tree.  We will be making more snowmen ornaments to add to our fun whimsical Christmas tree.

What you will need:

  • Bottle Cap or Can lid
  • baby sock
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • Black marker
  • ribbon

Note: Bottle caps from jelly or pickle jars, drinks etc.. will work great. If you decide to use a can lid make sure the edges are bent over or taped over. The can opener we use bends down the edges of the lids so we don’t have any dangerous edges. Handle with care, especially if your can opener doesn’t bend the edges. You can also use tape on the edges to ensure safety.

1. First start off by making the hat. You will need to snip off the end of the baby sock.

2. Tie ribbon to the end that was snipped off.

3. Cut out a triangle from an orange piece of felt.  Draw face and glue nose on and googly eyes.

4. Put it all together and glue the hat to the head.

Join us throughout the month of December we will be sharing more recycled ornament crafts: reindeer, elves, candy, cupcakes…

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