DIY Fashion: Repurposed Sweater Ideas

Contributor: Carla Ackermann

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Repurposed Sweater Fashion. We have already shared with you how to make a lovely lampshade, a fashionable girl or boy hat and now we will show you how to make a Cowl Scarf from an old sweater.  It’s really simple and it required very little sewing. You can also find these crafts featured in the Celebrate Fall issue!

The other ideas you see above are:

A bracelet covered in sweater fabric and then sewn.

The infamous sweater leg warmers.

A skirt from a sweater.

All so very adorable and not to mention super easy with very little sewing required.

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Repurposed Sweater Fashion: Cowl

You will need:

an old sweater

needle and thread

1. Cut your sweater  in a rectangle shape like this:

2. You can make it a bit wider depending  on how thick you want it.  Don’t cut the sides off the sweater so you don’t have to  that since it’s already together. Depending on the fabric of your sweater you may not have to sew the horizontal edges.

3. Fold horizontal edges over and sew.

Wrap around your neck and you’re done!

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