Painting a Fall Tree with Q Tips

Hopefully the leaves are changing colors where you live. When we lived on the East Coast it was one of my favorite things about Fall. We don’t see as much of it here in California, but we do have some Fall foliage. That surprised me when we moved here. I thought the days of brightly covered trees were over. No matter where you live, your child can make their own Fall tree ablaze with the colors of the season. Read on to find out how.

You will need:

  • Fall colored paint
  • Q Tips
  • White and brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

You will want to draw a tree on brown construction paper. Drawing is not my strength so I enlisted my husband to draw the tree. My husband did a great job don’t you think? Cut out the tree and glue it to some white construction paper. Fill some cups with fall colored paint. We used yellow, orange, brown and red. Place a q tip in each cup.

Have the kids use the q tips dipped in paint to make leaves on their trees.

B used specific colors for each branch of the tree. It’s so interesting to see the process kids use as they paint the tree.

An unexpected benefit of working with q tips is that it forces kids to use a more traditional grip. When my daughter writes she holds a crayon between her fist, so it was great to see her strengthening her fine motor skills.

Once the tree is done, kids can paint leaves near the bottom of the paper. My daughter told me these were leaves that were falling.

It’s very easy to create this fun fall scene, and when your kids are done they can use the remainder of the paint and q tips on some white paper for art exploration.


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