8 Fabulous Hairstyles that Take Less Than 10 Minutes

10 minute hairstyles

Do you normally walk out the door with a pony tail or messy bun?  Mostly because you tell yourself you don’t have time for anything else. Well then, you’re going to love these less than 10 minute fabulous hair do’s that will have you looking glamorous in no time. Now you don’t have an excuse because you can look fabulous in less than 10 minutes.

My normal hair routine is to brush my hair and leave it hanging down or I do a quick french twist. I hate looking like that mom whose working the frumpy look but some days that’s how I roll.  For the most part I try to at least walk out the door with more than jeans, t-shirt and running shoes. I spend most of my 15 minute morning routine on putting my clothes together and hair and make-up get about a minute of that time. But the more I thought about it I realized that hair can make or break your look. You can have a fabulous outfit on but have frizzy, disheveled hair and you’re done.

A few months ago I decided I was going to try to do something different with my hair on a regular basis but it couldn’t take more than 10 minutes because with 3 kids under 8 years of age spending hours on myself is not an option. I have tried all of the hair do’s below and loved them all. I am not a bold big hair person so I didn’t make it out the door with the high bun hair do #8 but I love it on other people.

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easy hair styles

1. Twirl it. Make a side pony tail. Then grab strands of hair and twirl and pin. Keep twirling and pinning leaving plenty of hair hanging down.

2. Twist it. Grab upper part of your hair from both side and bring it together in the middle and twist it and pin it. Then grab some more from each side and bring it to the middle and twist and pin. Do this until you have reached your neck. Then secure it with a hair tie and wrap some strands of hair around it to cover up the hair tie.

3. The Poof.  Make a side pony tail and then pull hair up and around. Once it’s all up, pin it.

hair 1

4. Tossled Side Pony Tail– Same idea as the Twirl mentioned above but without the twirling. The beauty of this side pony tail is that it’s not tightly put together it has a slightly poofy and disheveled look.

5. Retro Updo -from Join the Mood blog

hair 2

6. Side Twist Fish Tail Braid from Running On Happiness stop by and see her video

hair 3

7. High Bun from the Small Things Blog

hair 4

8. Elegant Half up also from the Small Things Blog

hair  5


I saw this one and couldn’t resist: Twisty Up do from The Joy of Fashion

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easy hair styles

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