New Year’s Eve Countdown Activity for Kids

new years eve countdown

I am so excited to share this New Years Eve Countdown Activity for Kids! I have not seen anything like it online and if you are a blogger you know how excited you get when you come up with your own novel ideas! Well, you know I didn’t come up with the vinegar and baking soda trick that has been around for years.

For each hour before midnight you will create some “champagne” fizz fun counting down to New Years. Whether you choose to do your own time zone or from Switzerland or the East Coast make sure to have some fun!  I am kids are always amazed with this baking soda and vinegar trick. Our 2 year old shouts in amazement every time he sees it. The best part about this activity is it took 5 minutes to set up. Please note this is not edible!

You will need 12 champagne glasses and add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda in each ahead of time.  Have them set out on the table with numbers on the glass so the countdown can begin.  I used wax paper under the glasses but if you prefer grab the champagne glass for that hour and place it under a plate to catch the fizz! In another glass place 1/2 cup of vinegar with food coloring if you wish. You can even make different colors for each hour.

New Years eve Kid activities

You can also do it for the last 10 seconds counting down to midnight and assign a champagne glass to each person and as you all countdown they can have their vinegar ready to start the Fizz Explosion!  Have them all line up on the table and watch the rainbow fizz fun all within 10 seconds! I will get a picture of that once I get it all together!

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