New Year’s Family Activity: Simple Time Capsule

New Years Time Capsule

I was looking for a simple New Year’s family activity since I am burned out after all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays. So I came up with this after some brainstorming. My plan is to print out 5 of these and place them in our time capsules. That way next year I don’t have to go hunting down this document, it’s already in there ready to be filled in.

I love the simple questions, it will be fun for them to review when they are older. For example, I can’t wait to hear these types of conversations from them when they are older as they read through their papers: I can’t believe my shoe size was a 10 when I was 6 years old. Or I wanted to be a taxi driver for  two years straight.

time capsule

You will need:

  • Pringles canister or any other tube
  • Time Capsule printable above
  • Any type of decoration items for your time capsule

1. Glue paper and decorative items that fit your childs personality on to canister.

2. On New Years Eve  have your kids fill out the printable above. To print right click on image and then copy and paste onto your document.

3. Print out 5 copies (4 extra ones for the following years) and store all of them in your capsule. Each year they can look back and read their responses.

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Here’s another option of the printable just in case you don’t want to do a Time Capsule but you just want to ponder the year as a family.

New Years Kid Activities

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