Our Great Nation

Tonight Eliza and all her other classmates performed their 5th grade musical.

Even though there was a sea of people in the audience, Eliza of course managed to spot me and pose for the camera.
I really didn’t care what the theme of the show was about.  I was just happy it wasn’t another recorder concert.  I’ve sat through three of those things (with two more to go), and honestly, no matter how much kids practice,  there is no way to make a recorder sound melodic.  I mean – is there a professional concert orchestra in the world with a recorder in it?

I rest my case.

Eliza has been practicing her songs around the house for a few weeks now.  As much as I wanted to hear the lyrics of something from “Oklahoma” or “My Fair Lady”, my skepticism about this play grew as I discovered that featured numbers in Eliza’s musical included, “The Concert Etiquette Rap” and “Walk, Don’t Run in the Hallway.”  Not exactly Andrew Lloyd Wright.

However…Eliza and her friends did not disappoint, and the play itself turned out to be fairly humorous (and not in the unintentional way that most kids’ play usually are). At the ages of 11 & 12 the majority of the kids have confidence and an air of musicality so that the spoken words were audible, and 90% of the songs were loud and on key.

Eliza had a speaking role as a student who discovered that she has a visible zit in her school picture.  I’m sure Eliza got picked for this particular line due to the fact that she was probably the only kid who could have pulled it off without any self-consciousness at all.   It’s true what they say…there are no small roles, especially when the actor has a personality as BIG as Eliza’s.  Larissa and Kellan actually sat through the entire hour with genuine interest in the program, so this has renewed my hope that SOMEONE in this family will finally share my love of theater.

And in case you were wondering what it would sound like if someone put the names of all fifty United States to music, you’re in luck.


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