Thanks for a Great Week

What day is it today?  Does anybody even know?  I feel like I lived three lifetimes in the past 6 days…that’s how much stuff went on.  I thank the Universe that we didn’t travel over the holiday because that would have been the final nail in my coffin.

So…let’s just do a quick recap using my always-limited, never high-quality, iPhone pictures!

Last week I only had Monday and Tuesday to myself (well, technically not all to myself, but with school still in session), so I tried to enjoy my final moments of relative calm before the storm.

Monday, I purchased the world’s smallest “small” coffee:

Seriously?  It was embarrassing to drink because holding this cup made me look like I had gargantuan man-hands.  This approximated .000000001% of my day’s caffeine intake.

Thank goodness I had the sustenance of that coffee, because I was hitting the Goodwill.  I found brand new 100% suede Zodiac boots for $9.00.


Actual retail price??  $99.00.  Yee Haw.

I also found this sweet vintage beaded purse for $2.99.  I don’t know when I’ll use it since “fancy” for me means simply taking a shower, but perhaps when I die my grandchildren will find it among my belongings and imagine that I had a rich and storied girlhood where I was the belle of many social events including, but not limited to, my own debutante ball.  As long as I leave enough inheritance in my will, I’m sure my children will be willing to back this fantasy up.

I really hope that this purse did get to go a few swell places before I took ownership because heaven knows the best it’ll get in my hands is maybe an evening at Olive Garden.

On Tuesday, Kellan and Larissa hit the peak of their week-long illnesses, and I was held hostage in my own home by kids who were too sick sounding to go to school, but not sick feeling enough that they weren’t up to completely trashing the house in their PJs.  Wednesday morning I asked Larissa if anything hurt and she said, “Maybe my ear.”  I scheduled a quick doctor visit where it was confirmed that both kids had double ear infections.  Riss’ was bad enough that the doctor actually grimaced when she looked in her ears, but not once did either child give me a single clue that they were under the weather.

Rob came home Wednesday and I graciously allowed him to do all the grocery shopping for turkey day.  He kept trying to cajole me into coming by calling it “family time” and saying insane things like, “It’ll be fun,” but I didn’t bite.  I’ve gone grocery shopping 1 kazillion times in the past 14 years and never once have i called it “fun”.  Coincidentally, NO Norman Rockwell paintings exist that portray a happy family with a shopping cart.

Thursday I went to the gym and then came home to help Rob cook dinner.  Eliza went with my parents to St.Louis where’d they’d been invited to spend the holiday with my brother.  I made all the sides and desserts, Rob handled the bird.

My children will hopefully forever savor the memory of their mother lovingly baking pie…in her sweaty gym clothes.

I didn’t get a chance to jump in the shower until late afternoon.  Rob told me we’d be eating at 4:00, so when I went to get cleaned up at 2:45 I thought I’d have ample time.  At 3:15 Rob came up to tell me the turkey was done.  WHAAA???  He gave me a whopping 15 minutes to dress and dry my hair, but assured me he and the kids would set the table and get all the food ready.  We took ONE picture that day.  ONE.  And when I opened it up, I almost died laughing.

There are 500 things wrong with this picture.  Go!

I’m sure there were plenty of families sitting down to Grandma’s linen tablecloth, “silver”ware and “good” dishes, but not us!  We shared our table with my sewing machine and ironing board!  The kids drank out of the free cups that our local bar gives out with their signature mai tais (yeah, we have a bunch…whatofit??), and instead of candle light we dined under the dim glow of our chandelier with the burnt out bulb.

But…while it wasn’t fancy it was delicious and it was pretty close to perfect.  No worries about the kids’ behavior or fretting over being in fancy clothes.  And…we didn’t have to travel a single mile.  Heaven!

Rob’s dad even showed up later that day!  It was a nice surprise.

The kids LOVE their Grandpa Jon.  Plus, he hands out dollars 😉

Later that evening I joined three of my friends from the gym to do some Black Friday shopping.  One of the girls is a hardcore BF shopper while the rest of us were just her virginal minions.  Honestly?  She had me pretty scared.  On the ride to our local shopping strip she was barking orders at us like a drill sergeant: “Don’t be nice!”,  “No browsing!”,   “We get in and get out!”,  “I WILL leave you behind!”  We started at 8:00pm at Wal-Mart where we took up posts in front of the items we wanted from that hour’s “event”.  My strategy was to make friends with EVERYONE around me, lest they try to shank me the second the saran wrap was removed from the pallet of merchandise.  It worked pretty well.  No one beat me up and I didn’t even have to fight anyone (although I was ready!).

My friend, Stacey, wedged in among one of the two cars FULL of loot!

I have to say, I ended the evening feeling like the guy in “Green Eggs & Ham”, saying, “I do like Black Friday!”  It was great – we went in, we got what we wanted, we got out.  I like that method of shopping!  In real life, I tend to get distracted and frustrated and end up buying a bunch of things I don’t need.  I think I actually spent less on BF buying the things I needed than I do in an average trip to Target!  Stacey and I petered out around 3:30 a.m., but the other two girls kept going until 7:30.

Saturday and Sunday Hayden played in the annual Thanksgiving tournament at our local tennis club.  There were a ton of great matches to watch and Hayden battled through a few of his own.  In the end, he took second place and we were super proud of his efforts.  I can’t believe how good he’s become, but I also can’t believe how poorly I react to watching him play.  It is waaaaay to stressful.  If and when he makes his high school team, I don’t know if I’ll be able to show up to his matches.

Hayden in action.

Grandpa offered to babysit for us Saturday night, but by then I was SO tired and Rob and I were both coming down with the kids’ colds, so we managed to make it out for an hour of sushi…which was better than nothing.

Sunday we dragged out Christmas boxes and put up our prelit tree, sans ornaments for now.  If I had my druthers I’d leave it that way.

In between we saw a lot of movies, including “Wreck-it Ralph” for the second time.  LOVE that movie.

It was a very good and very long week.  Yesterday I took my own “Inspiration for the Week” advice and planned my week out to the last second so I would remember to slow things down and say NO to the crazy.  So far, so good.

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