10 Reasons You’re Glad I Didn’t Blog In My 20s

20-Year-Old Lisa by Stuart Vance, 1984
You might have tired of reports of my hostessing gig at the Red Onion and the
injustice of my having been fired especially after I wore that rented Easter Bunny
costume and hopped down Cannon Drive in Beverly Hills passing out
brunch coupons. (Like, those jerks at corporate down in Carson make it all so political.)I preferred solo Sting to Sting of The Police and we may have parted ways over that.
I’m so sure.

Fun Fashion Updates! Liquid eyeliner, half shaved head, Boy George braids, ear cuff.

You might not have agreed with all of the Reasons Why David Bowie Should Be My First Husband, but that’s another list entirely.
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Maybe you’re the one who wouldn’t enjoy meaningful daily quotes from Hermann Hesse’s  “The Glass Bead Game,” and “Siddhartha.” What-ever.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have been interested in dispatches from my summer as a “Background Actor/Connie Sellecca’s Hair Photo Double” on the set of ABC’s night-time drama, “Hotel.”

Bra top, lace leggings, bolero jacket, single glove.

Let the bangs grow out? Keep the bangs? Let the bangs grow out? Keep the bangs? Let the bangs grow out? Keep the bangs? Let the bangs grow out? Keep the bangs?

For some reason, you may not have been into the Where In Hollywood Did My Vespa Break Down This Week? photo series. I’m so totally sure.

Vintage slip, flannel lumberjack shirt, Doc Martins, your boyfriend.

*   *   *

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