Fun Math Games: Numbered Ball Toss

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I was never into math as a kid. In fact, if you told me when I was younger that there were fun math games out there, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now that I am a mom, one of my goals if for my kids not to struggle the way I did. I think all moms can relate. So I try and create some fun math games that will be so engaging that the kids won’t know they’re learning. Sneaky huh?

This game is super easy to make, especially if you already made Counting Fun With Ping Pong Balls.

You will need:

  • 12 ping pong balls with the numbers 1-12 written on them
  • Beans
  • 1 large plastic container, 2 smaller plastic containers and small cups

Math Game for Kids

Start out with a supply of beans in one of your smaller plastic containers. These beans will be your counters. The amount you need will depend on the number of kids playing the game. Each child gets a small cup where they will hold their beans when their turn is over.

Place the larger plastic container a good length away from where your child will stand. If your child is smaller have it closer, and if they are bigger it can be a bit further away. Give your child the container with the ping pong balls while they are standing away from the empty large container. They will then have a turn to toss each of the balls and try and get them in the empty container.

Math Games Fun, #math

It requires some practice to determine the best method for getting the balls into the container. Does an underhand or overhand toss work better? Do you get more balls in if you bounce them first? Through trial and error your child will determine the best method for them.

Math Games for Kids, #Math, #kids

When they have thrown all their balls, they bring you the large container that has the balls they successfully tossed in. Look at the numbers and fill their small cup with the appropriate number of beans. For instance, if they got a 7, 8 and a 12 ball in, they get 7 beans, 8 beans and 12 beans in their cup.

When everyone has had their turn, the kids can dump out their beans and count them. The person with the most beans wins that round. You can play as many rounds as you wish.

So what are kids learning with this math game? Lots of things! They are learning number recognition, counting, addition and some other non-math skills such as coordination, gross motor skills, taking turns and being a good sport.

My kids begged to play this again and again. Hope yours do too!

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