Daily Archives February 12, 2013

Hiding Places

“Bob! What is all this behind the couch?” “Oh… that’s just where I… um… put my broccoli and stuff.” “How long have you been hiding food back here?” “It’s not all the food, Mom. Just the stuff I don’t want.” “Yeah, I get it. I’ve got to tell your dad about this.” “Don’t tell Dad….

Make Cards for Valentine’s Day Using Shaving Cream

We love to make cards using shaving cream. In the past, we made end of the year teacher cards using shaving cream. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have had lots of Valentine ideas bouncing around my head. I decided we should make cards for my kids classmates. I admit in the past I…

Valentines Day Activity: Love Coupons for the Family

Acts of Love are the best gifts you can give, in my opinion. You are going to love this Acts of Love Coupons for the family idea and all the fun that comes with it. I prefer gifts that tell me that you actually thought about me and considered my likes and desires when purchasing…