Things in the Air

I should be perfectly used to the mercurial nature of the weather in Illinois, but believe it or not, I’m still gobsmacked every time Mother Nature pulls a fast one on us.  Last week we had mild weather followed by torrential rains followed by a healthy dumping of snow.
Sure, it’s kind of fun to play, “Let’s Guess the Weather,” sometimes, but all of this up and down and cold and warm and wet and dry has wreaked havoc on our immune systems.

Weston was laid up for a day with the beginnings of a cold, which disappeared once the cold snap hit.  Aaaaand…once the cold snap hit, it brought an entirely different germ which has rendered Larissa frighteningly feverish for what is going on 5 days.  Even with antibiotics, this has been a tough one to fight.  Several sleepless nights of her coughing and breathing directly into my face has left me terrified that I am going to fall victim to yet another horrible virus.  I have gathered an arsenal of disinfectants and herbal remedies and vitamins which combined with prayer, will hopefully get me through until Spring.

In the meantime…

Long winter days make for a stir crazy mom and kids.  On particularly antsy days I take us all to our local diner where they serve comfort foods and frosted cookies.  The cure for the common everything.

See…sunglasses!  I was wearing sunglasses at some point last week!!

Kellan celebrated 100 days of school on Friday!  That’s my volunteer day so I got to help the kids with this doozy of a hat that had a billion parts and pieces and steps involved.  5-year olds + multiple steps?  Aye-yi-yi!

Kellan and his friend, Travis

I love how all the other kids in the background are a total blur!  They were lining up to walk around class and see what everyone brought to the  “100 Things Museum”.  Let’s just say there were a LOT of Legos!

That’s Kellan’s super-patient teacher, Mrs. Reese (who was also Hayden’s super-patient 4th grade teacher!)

Kellan’s talking to Erin, who he used to say was the prettiest girl in the class, but his eye is now on Stella.  Stella is having a birthday party at Pump-it-Up next week, so I suspect that has only added to her appeal.  Kindergarteners are the best, I tell ya.  The best.

When it did snow last week, it stayed relatively warm, which meant it was perfect for playing.  We had several snowball fights while waiting for the bus to pick Kellan up.  Murphy was thrilled when we would pelt him with snowballs.  He adores the snow.

One afternoon after Kellan left, Riss and I built a snowman.

She couldn’t stop kissing him and saying he was her “boyfriend”.  Larissa is very into the concept of boyfriends these days, so I’ll take one made out of snow over a real one any day!

It was not a good week to find out that our ATV’s battery had died.  That meant no snow plow.  I had to go out and shovel old-school.
“Good thing you CrossFit!” Rob said when he finally got home to help.  Ha ha.

Speaking of CrossFit, one of our members goes on a mission to Bolivia every year to provide much-needed surgical procedures and doctor training to the locals.  To help support his efforts, our gym created a  “Burpees for Bolivia” fundraiser.  Everyone committed to a performing a certain number of burpees every day for one week, including the kids.  Here, Kellan and his pal Madelyn get to work.

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