Easter Crafts

The daycare has been busy with kids doing Easter crafts. One of the crafts we did last week was potato print Easter eggs. This is the same craft we did a couple of years ago.

I helped the kids to mix the paints to make pastel colours. Then they dipped cut potatoes into the paint, and stamped them onto Bristol Board, shaped like eggs.

They came out very well and our apartment is decorated with the work of the young artists!

We also stuck foam shapes onto Bristol Board eggs.

Noah has been so crazy about crafts lately that I had to keep looking for new ideas. I found the woven basket idea below. I used construction paper for the basket, and three little eggs cut from Bristol Board.

One of the cutest crafts we did entailed painting one of each kids’ feet yellow.

They then stamped their foot onto plain white paper. Once the footprint had dried, they glued on a beak, a googly eye, and feathers. Ta-da!

Last but not least, the bigger boys made a chick breaking out of an egg. This was made by gluing a cut-out shape of a chick onto a sheet of construction paper. They then glued on a beak, 2 cracked egg shapes, and googly eyes.

Hope you enjoy the quick update!

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