End of the Rainbow Cookies

End of the Rainbow Cookies - Kids will have so much fun making these St Patrick's Day cookies. These would also be great for a rainbow party. #rainbows #cookies #stpatricksday

These end of the rainbow cookies are the perfect treats for St. Patrick’s Day or even for a rainbow party. We made them using only a few ingredients. They are simple enough to make that kids can help! And when you taste them, you will be over the rainbow!

You will need:

Supplies for End of the Rainbow Cookies

Roll out your cookie dough and cut out some rainbows and shamrocks.

Bake the cookies and when they are cool frost the rainbow part of the cookie with vanilla frosting. It doesn’t matter how you spread the frosting since you will be putting Skittles on it. Just make sure you have a thick enough layer to hold the candy.

Prior to starting to decorate the end of the rainbow cookies, my daughter sorted the Skittles into various colors. Regular Skittles don’t come in all the colors of the rainbow, but they have a nice representation.

I decorated a cookie first to show my daughter what the rainbow looked like. She then carefully placed the Skittles into the frosting to form a rainbow.
Decorating rainbow cookies

You will want to be sure to stand the Skittles up in the frosting rather than laying them down flat. They will take up too much space if you lay them flat and you will not have enough room for the rainbow.
Child decorating cookies
Making rainbow cookies

When you are finished, the rainbow cookies will look like this. Now you can add the frosting clouds. We used a Wilton Cupcake Decorating set with a #22 tip, but you can also spread the frosting on with a knife.

Rainbow cookie just needs frosting

We made shamrock cookies as well and decorated them in a few different ways. We put some green food coloring in a pastry bag that had white frosting in it and smooshed it around a bit.

I really like the effect this produced, which was various shades of green as you can see on the shamrock on the lower left. For the other shamrock, we spread on a layer of frosting and dipped the cookie in green sprinkles. I think the end of the rainbow and shamrock cookies looks almost too good to eat.

Rainbow and shamrock cookies

My daughter disagreed.

Which Skittle to eat first?

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Supplies we used:
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