Saint Patrick’s Day Activities: Treasure Hunt

Saint Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt - Hide gold coins in the yard and let the fun begin! #st-patrick's-day #kids

We have been doing lots of Saint Patrick’s Day activities at our house. You may remember that earlier this week we made a Leprechaun Pot of Gold. Well today I am going to share how we used that to have a fun treasure hunt in our back yard.

You will need:

While my kids were napping I went out and hid gold coins all over the yard. You can hide however many you’d like. I have 3 kids and hid 8 plastic gold coins and 2 chocolate gold coins for each of them.

When they woke up, I told them that we were going to have a Saint Patrick’s Day treasure hunt using our Leprechaun pot of gold that we previously made. I explained that a Leprechaun had come by while they were napping, and he hid coins for them in the yard. I told them that they could each find 8 plastic coins and 2 chocolate coins.

And they’re off!

My daughter spots a coin and heads to the slide.

She proudly displays her gold coin.

The kids were so excited each time they found a coin, especially if it was a chocolate coin.

My daughter spots a coin on the ladder but misses the one on the table. It was difficult for me to watch them just walk by places where I hid coins. I just wanted to yell “over there!”

My daughter A is rewarded for her inquisitiveness with a chocolate coin.
Kids Treasure Hunt

Now she counts to make sure she has found all her coins.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for kids

After all the coins were found, the kids sat down to enjoy their loot.

This treasure hunt was so much fun for the kids and they got to be out in the fresh air and practice their gross motor skills as they ran, lifted and climbed. As far as Saint Patrick’s Day Activities go, this was a hit!

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